5 Reasons to Watch Movies On Demand

Gone are the days of making an extra trip across town to the video store for movie night. On Demand makes it effortless to watch the movie you want to see without leaving the house.

1. Movies Available 24/7 – If you need a movie for kids early on a rainy Saturday morning or if you suddenly have nothing to do at midnight on a Friday night, you can rent a movie with the click of a button. On Demand allows you to rent movies day or night. Plus, it does not shut down for holidays.2. No Late Fees – You meant to return the movie to the video store, but something came up, and you couldn’t make it there. Perhaps you found it buried under dog toys a week after it was due because the person who was going to return it simply forgot. Either way, you are stuck paying a late fee before you can rent another movie. There are no late fees with On Demand, since there is nothing to return.

3. Huge Selection – If you have not rented a movie from On Demand yet, you should prepare to feel pretty overwhelmed, but in a good way. The selection will truly have you feeling like a kid in a candy store. A large variety of movies is available in every genre.

4. Always In Stock – Not only does On Demand have a diverse variety; it has limitless streams. You will never have to deal with a popular movie being out-of-stock that you have been waiting to see.

5. Better for the Environment – If you are like many others, you are doing what you can to reduce your carbon footprint. From an environmentalist’s standpoint, On Demand is a greener option than driving to the video store. It is also better than ordering from a site that ships DVDs to you. Vehicle emissions are not a factor, and you will not be using paper envelopes that waste natural resources.