Why Are Coming of Age Movies so Popular

When you are looking at coming of age movies, it is easy to see why they are so popular. These movies remind you of a time in your own life when you were coming into your own. These movies also remind you of the days when you were the kid in the movie. You can relate to these movies, and that is why they are so very popular. Yo can watch these movies, enjoy them and get into the mood of movie watching if you are simply finding them to help soothe your soul.

The Plot

The plot of almost every coming of age movie resonates with you in some way. Most people have not had the exact experiences that happened in the movies, but they have been through experiences that are similar. People can remember what it was like to be that age, and they are going to realize that they are much like the characters in the movies. They are the parents or the kids, but they know what it was like to be that age. Also, there are many people who need to be reminded what it was like to be young. When people are watching these movies, they are put back in touch with their humanity.

When these movies come out, people are going to be in the theaters to see something that they can relate to. They know the plots of the movies are similar, but they want to connect with the people in the movies. Thy want to be in a place where they can allow their emotions to carry them for just a couple hours as they remember what it was like to be the young kid who was in all those intense and emotional situations when they were much younger long ago.